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LAMER KANGAROO & BLUEBERRY is great for the consumption of pets with senitive skin and allergies.
Kangaroo meat is a terrific source of high-quality protein, low in fat, and low in saturated fat.
Harvested from the great pastoral areas of Australia, they are open range animals and are considered novel protein.
Blueberry is rich in natural antioxidant in Vit C and E, and is considered one of the 10 healthy food in the world


Kangaroo meat, white meat fish, flaxseed oil, HBM (water soluble bone meal), silk worm oil, edible snail powder

Feeding Guide:

Category Per Day Serving
Mini, 1-5 Kg 5~10g
Small, 5-10 Kg 10~20g
Medium 10-25 Kg 20~35g
Large 25-40 Kg 35~50g

* Amount of feeding may differ depending on age, size, energy consumption and should be given moderately.

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