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Dermoscent Aromacalm Collar - CAT
Recommended for cats presenting cutaneous disorders due to stress or allergies. Also a complementary care to all dermatological treatments in alleviating the state of stress of the cat.

The first dermocollar developed for cats presenting skin diseases/conditions related to stress/ allergies. Based on the effects of phytotherapy and aromatherapy, enriched with essential fatty acids extracted from hemp vegetable oil. 

Dermoscent Aromacalm collar is both calming and soothing for the skin, thanks to the essential oil synergy of lavender and white wormwood (both known for soothing effects) and the essential fatty acids 

Product Feature

Last up to 4 weeks. 
Max. neck 35cm.
Essential fatty acids extracted from hemp vegetable oil. 
with quick-release system

How to use
Attach the collar around the neck of the animal, adjust it to fit perfectly then cut off excess length. Remove the collar before bathing. Remove the collar every 4 weeks. The collar comes with quick-release system, as will cause the collar to break in case strong tension is applied.

Only Available In Veterinary Clinics

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